How can I find out what is going on with a particular case?
You can call Planning & Zoning at 912-554-7438 or send e-mail to the Planning & Zoning Division at to find out the name of the planner that is processing the case. You can also review the list of current cases in the Development Review Comments section of this web site. Finally, you may review the list of staff comments at the Development review Comments page, but it is most helpful if you know the case number. Any time you need to know what is happening with the case, contact the planner for information or assistance.

You may also review the staff report once it has been posted with the agenda, since it may give additional information about the status of the case and its progress.

You should make staff aware of any concerns that you may have, although doing so is no substitute for speaking at the meeting. Individuals are encouraged to work with their homeowners' or civic association, if one exists, to resolve issues with the applicant. The County does not require applicants to meet with citizens groups before the public hearing, but strongly advises them to do so. On occasion the Planning Commission will not make a decision on a case until the applicant has made a good faith effort to resolve issues with residents.

The Planning Department staff is available to talk about the status of pending cases.