How will I know that development is being proposed?

Rezoning and Special Use Permits - The signs described above are posted on the property at least fifteen days before the scheduled hearing date. In addition, a letter is sent to the owner of each property within 200’ of the property for which a rezoning is considered. Finally, an ad is placed in the Brunswick News in the legal section. We most often place these ads in the Monday newspaper, although they will occasionally appear on other days.

Items to be considered are listed in the agenda of the particular board or commission. These agendas are posted on the Glynn County web site ( approximately one week before the meeting, and a link to the staff report addressing the case.

When two hearings are required, the mailed notice and the sign usually provide information on the meeting dates for both hearings.  When an item is deferred, a revised notice is not provided as long as the date to which the case is deferred is announced at the time of the deferral. If the advertising schedule permits, deferred items are advertised in the newspaper and will almost always be included in the meeting agenda along with a new copy of the staff report.

If you plan to attend the meeting, you may wish to call the Planning & Zoning Division (912-554-7438) to make sure that your case is still scheduled for hearing. An applicant may request a deferral of the public hearing any time up to the hearing. Early in the meeting, the board or commission will decide whether to grant a request for deferral.

Site Plans - As described above, properties involved in site plans are posted with yellow signs. There is no sign posted for subdivision requests. There are no mailed notices or advertisements for these cases. However, all cases will be listed in the agenda for the meeting and a report will be prepared. Both the agenda and the reports can be viewed at the County web site.