Mainland Planning Commission

Mainland Planning Commission, Island Planning Commission, and Board of Appeals


The Mainland Planning Commission is composed of seven citizens who are residents of Glynn County but NOT residents of St. Simons Island/Sea Island, and who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners for four-year terms. The Mainland Planning Commission makes decisions and recommendations on matters concerning the growth and development of the County, specifically as it applies to the unincorporated area other than St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island, and Jekyll Island.

Coverage Area

For Planning and Zoning, other areas of Glynn County are served by the Islands Planning Commission, the City of Brunswick, or the Jekyll Island Authority.

Meetings are carried on Cable TV channel 99, beginning on March 11, 2011 meetings will be carried on Cable TV channel 206. You can watch the Mainland Planning Commission meetings live streamed or view archive meetings by clicking here

In addition, the Mainland Planning Commission and the Islands Planning Commission normally meet twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesday mornings at 9 AM in Room 129 of the Ballard Recreation Center at 323 Old Jesup Road in Brunswick. These are workshop meetings to discuss ordinance amendments, comprehensive plan amendments and similar issues. These meetings are open to the public, however there is usually not a formal opportunity to take public input and no decisions are made. These workshop meetings are not televised.

Following are the current members of the Mainland Planning Commission and the Commission District they serve:

  • Gene Lee                                     District 1  
  • Bill Edgy                                            District 2  
  • Tim Murphy                             District 3  
  • Larissa Harris                                District 4
  • John K. Williams Vice Chairman     District 5   
  • Mary Hunt                                At Large 1  
  • Gary R. Nevill   Chairman       At Large 2

Information about meetings, including the date, time, and location of meetings is posted on this web site in the calendar section some time before the date of the meeting. In addition, agendas, and copies of staff reports are posted about one week before the meeting date.

Click here to obtain minutes of Mainland Planning Commission meetings.

Contact Us

  1. Pamela Thompson
    Director of Community Development
    1725 Reynolds St. 
    Suite 200
    Brunswick, GA 31520
    Phone: 912-554-7428