Zoning, Ordinance, & Subdivision Regulations

The Community Development Department is involved in the administration of a number of codes and ordinances, particularly those affecting land development. Following are descriptions of some of these and links to the ordinances themselves.
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Glynn County Zoning Ordinance - The Zoning Ordinance primarily regulates land uses and the density of development. In addition, the Ordinance establishes procedures for a major portion of the development review process, sets out standards for certain kinds of improvements (such as parking and buffers), and sets out specific provisions for unique situations, including development in the Village on St. Simons Island, and protection of Beach and Dune areas.
The current zoning ordinance was adopted in 1966 and comprehensively updated in 1984. Many revisions have been made since that time to keep the Ordinance in tune with the needs for managing development.

Glynn County Subdivision Regulations - The Subdivision Regulations set up procedures and standards for the subdivision of land. These standards primarily address the provision of infrastructure (particularly public infrastructure, such as roads, drainage, and utilities) to support the development. The Subdivision Regulations dovetail with the Zoning Ordnance, which dictates lot sizes and density. The current Subdivision Regulations were adopted in 1976, although Glynn County had ordinances regulating platting as long ago as the 1920’s.
In addition to Glynn County ordinances and regulations, a number of other regulations and regulatory agencies influence the development process, including:
  • Board of Health - This agency administers regulations covering small water systems and individual septic systems.
  • Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - This is a state agency that administers the Marsh Protection Act, the Dune Protection Act, excavation and filling regulations, etc.
  • US Army Corps of Engineers (USCOE) - This agency administers federal wetlands regulations, including determination of wetland boundaries and rules for filling and mitigation of lost wetlands.

Code of Ordinances