About Us

The Grants Coordination Team was created in January, 2010 to consolidate the efforts of the Board of Commissioners in applying for and administering federal and state grant programs. The Grants Coordination Team pursues grant funding that is authorized by the County in accordance with the County Grants Policy. The Team pursues funding for County operations or capital projects that cannot be afforded without state or federal help.

Since 1998, over $12 million in federal or state funds have been applied for and funded. This Team not only assists with preparing grant applications, but also helps County departments with implementing grant-funded programs and preparing and submitting the required grant progress reports.

The Grants Coordination Team seeks and administers funds for County operations. Grant work for private individuals is not performed unless authorized by the County Manager.

The Team also serves Glynn County’s FEMA National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System (CRS). This program involves community outreach and planning programs that allow County property owners to currently receive a ten (10%) percent discount on their flood insurance policies. Additionally, the Team serves as the County’s staff liaison to the Glynn County/Brunswick Greenspace Advisory Committee.

Some examples of recent projects include:
  • Department of Justice "Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant" local solicitation
  • Governor's Office of Highway Safety "HEAT" Grant
  • Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Victim of Crime Act Grant
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Management Performance