Enforcement Services

To Submit a Complaint on a violation call Customer Service (912) 554-7111

Clean Community and Litter Control Services

Code Enforcement provides Clean Community and Litter Control Services via public education and consultation on refuse collection services that are available to all citizens. Code Enforcement will also investigate illegal dumping activity and inspect commercial and residential property for littering issues to include the proper method of dealing with scrap tires and junk vehicles and all other related matters that contribute unclean environments. 

Clean Community Ordinances can be found via the following link: ARTICLE VII. - CLEAN COMMUNITY ORDINANCE

Mobile Home Park Regulation

In accordance with Clean Community and Zoning Ordinances, Mobile Home Park Regulation by Code Enforcement applies  appropriate ordinances that support maintaining clean and healthy environments for the citizens living in the mobile home parks and for the surrounding community. 

Mobile Home Park Ordinances can be found via the following link: ARTICLE VII - DISTRICTS | Section 725. - MH Mobile Home Park

Occupation Tax Enforcement

All businesses in Glynn County are subject to paying the Occupation Tax in Glynn County (unless they have an exemption indicated in the ordinances). When businesses meet the minimum requirements to obtain an Occupation Tax Certificate. The Certificate is then recognized as having a “business license” to conduct business. Code Enforcement provides the service of consultation on how to obtain an Occupation Tax Registration and performs inspections and enforcement of the ordinances that regulate the business.

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Short-Term Rental Accommodation Enforcement

As the community progresses as an area known for tourist accommodations, privately owned property being used as vacation homes or rental property for citizens that have need of living quarters for periods less than 30 days are regulated in Glynn County. Code Enforcement provides a service of responding to such locations that are not meeting ordinances and requirements that help maintain an enjoyable, healthy, safe, and harmonious environment. 

To report a complaint, you can call our 24-hour hotline at 912-525-5455 or complete a Property Incident Form. The hotline will document the complaint and contact the Local Contact Person managing the property to help resolve the concern. If the complaint is not resolved within a few hours of being notified the short-term rental may be issued a violation via Code Enforcement.

 Short-Term Rental Ordinances can be found via the following link: CHAPTER 2-31. - SHORT-TERM RENTALS

Sign Regulation

Signs are the most common means and method of communicating to the public information, direction, and instruction that citizens, businesses, social organizations, and governments utilize. However, sign placements, sign usage, sign installation, and sign type are regulated for reasons of public safety and the prevention of becoming litter or nuisances that can affect the appearances of the community. Code Enforcement regulates the presence of signage and assists Building Inspection and Zoning on proper permitting and usage within Zoning districts. 

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Sign Ordinances are found via the following link: ARTICLE VIII - SIGNS

Community Assistance Code Enforcement 

Code Enforcement also provides citizen support and consultation to citizens in the community that have been subject to economic challenges that have displaced them from the recognized residential lifestyle that many communities are accustomed to. Code Enforcement recognizes that displaced citizens have resorted to living in public areas, and camping in locations that are not accustomed to such activity. This service is provided to educate and assist the citizens in choosing alternative options; while also enforcing the ordinances that are designed to keep the community clean, healthy, and safe.

Camping and Improper Use Ordinances are found via the following link: CHAPTER 2-32 - CAMPING AND IMPROPER USE OF PUBLIC SPACES 

Helpful Community Assistance Resources:

United WayEmergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP)

Safe HarborUnited Way - Partner Programs

Get Help! Financial Stability

United Way of Coastal Georgia operates a free and confidential service that helps residents in Camden, Glynn , and McIntosh Counties find the local resources they need. The service is in the Brunswick offices of United Way and staffed by United Way employees. 
You may contact the office at 912-265-1850.

Foreclosure Inspections

Code Enforcement also provides a service of inspecting residences that have been registered with the County as being in foreclosure. Code Enforcement recognizes that property that falls into foreclosure may also fall into neglect. This service is provided to help keep such property in compliance with Clean Community ordinances and determine if their condition should be reviewed for condemnation.

Ordinances of Foreclosed Property are found via the following link: Chapter 2-30 - VACANT AND FORECLOSED PROPERTY

Foreclosed or Vacant Property Registration Form


Right-Of-Way Enforcement

Code Enforcement knows that throughout most areas of the County, there are rights-of-way and road shoulders that are present to allow for County Road maintenance, utility installation, and in some cases, public parking. The usage of the areas by the public has drawn the need for this regulatory service to maintain public and traffic safety and prevent blocking of utility access. Code Enforcement enforces ordinances that regulate the use and activities conducted in rights-of-way, except for parking violations.

Ordinance Chapter 2-13 - RIGHTS-OF-WAY

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Zoning Enforcement

Code Enforcement provides this service of inspecting and enforcing Zoning ordinances that regulate the usage of commercial and residential property. While they County recognizes citizens’ rights to live and work on their property in a manner that meets their lifestyle; not all activity that occurs on such property may meet the harmony, growth, welfare, and usage of property allowed in the community. As a result, Code Enforcement assists Planning and Zoning in regulating, consulting, and enforcing the ordinances for these property locations.

View Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance

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