Projects List

In addition to carrying out our on-going activities, we are working on special projects intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our day-to-day functions and to improve the quality of the community. Following are some of our current projects.

Planner calling about plan information Ordinance Revisions - The Zoning Ordinance was adopted in 1966 and updated in 1984. The Subdivision Regulations were adopted in 1976. Both ordinances are undergoing amendments to make them more useful in addressing today’s needs. Provisions recently amended include Signs (Article VIII), Amendments (Article XI), Buffers (Section 613), Site Plans (Section 619), Outdoor Lighting (Section 622), Building Permit Site Plans (Section 623), and the St. Simons Island Tree Canopy Preservation Ordinance (Section 624).
Comprehensive Plan Appendices - The Comprehensive Plan was adopted October 16, 2008. Several “appendices” are now being prepared for consideration by the planning commissions and Board of Commissioners. These appendices will be helpful in implementing the Comprehensive Plan by giving more detail. The first appendix (Appendix A: Future Land Use Text and Future Land Use Map) was adopted in March 2009.
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Roadway, Waterway, and Utility Lines Long Range Transportation Planning - Staff and the MPO committees are currently preparing for the update of the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).
Planning for Transportation Improvements - Major changes are occurring that affect the construction of new facilities, including rapidly increasing construction costs, reduced gas tax revenues, and the possibility of additional federal aid from the Stimulus Bill. Considerable attention is being given to changes that might need to be made in priorities based on the need to reduce project expectations. The adopted TIP and UPWP are posted on the Transportation page.
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Mass Transit Vehicle Transit - The CRC (Coastal Regional Commission) is working with the MPO to expand transit service in the county.