The Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for helping to guide Glynn County's long and short-term development. Important initiatives include oversight of the County's comprehensive planning process, as well as assisting in the management of the development process.

Comprehensive PlanComprehensive Plan
We help prepare and maintain the County’s adopted Comprehensive Plan. The Plan is prepared under State laws and regulations to provide a framework for the County’s development.
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Zoning and SubdivisionsZoning, Ordinance, & Subdivision Regulations
We help administer these ordinances and other regulations which affect the management of development and redevelopment in the County.
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Development ReviewDevelopment Review
We play a significant role in the coordination of the development review process, working with developers, other agencies, and the public in general.
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TransportationTransportation Planning
We assist the County and other organizations in managing the development of transportation systems that serve the County.
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CommissionsPlanning Commissions and Board of Appeals
We provide technical and administrative support to these appointed groups have important roles in the development process.
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Standard Construction Practices

Protection Act Permits