Map Gallery

Welcome to the GIS Map Gallery, a free printable collection of our maps. The Glynn County GIS Department prepares a variety of maps to support informed decision-making by county staff, agencies, businesses, and the public.

These maps illustrate complex spatial analysis and GIS overlays, while portraying Glynn County intricate surroundings, communities, environment, and infrastructure. We are pleased to make these maps readily available to Glynn County's citizens and businesses.

All Maps are available for printing in large sizes upon request through the GIS Department.

Many of the maps that are available in the Map Gallery have large file sizes and may take several minutes to download.

CemeteriesMap Opens in new window
The Glynn County Cemeteries map displays cemeteries located throughout the County. These final resting places vary from large urban cemeteries to small family grave sites. Graves with restricted access on private property are highlighted in red. Also displayed on the map are geographic place names, major roads, railroads, and the Brunswick-Altamaha Canal.
14,272 KB Size: 30x40
Map Production Date: January 13, 2021

CommissionDistricts Opens in new window
Commission Districts Maps
 The Glynn County Commission Districts map displays the geographic districts of the Commission. Each district is labeled with the district name and the name of the Commissioner who is elected to represent that district. The map also lists the two At-large Commissioners who are not elected by citizens in a specific district, but are elected by all of the voters in Glynn County. Also displayed on the map are geographic place names, and major roads.

PopulationDensity Opens in new window
Demographic Maps
 The maps of Glynn county demographics depict the age of homes, median house values, median household income, age of children, the median age of homes and population density. Each topical map is displayed through ten different focus areas to represent Census 2000 tract data.
Population Density Map
373 KB Size: 11 X 17
Map Production Date: September 2008
Data Date: Census 2000

FutureLandUse Opens in new windowFuture Land Use Map
Glynn County’s future land use map.
6,140 KB Size: 42 X 60
Map Production Date: Created by EPG, Finalized on October 18, 2018

GDOTRoads2018                                               GDOT Highway Map
Local Highway Map for Glynn County produced by the Georgia Department of Transportation
3,936 KB Size: 36 x 48
 Map Production Date: 2018

BaseMap Opens in new window
This map is an overview map of Glynn county that includes roads and boundaries.
9,454 KB Size: 34x44
Map Production Date: January 13, 2021    

RoadMap Opens in new windowGlynn County Large Roads Map
The Glynn large road map is a banner sized map that views the county in 5 panels with an extensive section for the Index. All existing roads at the time of production are labeled and indexed on the map.
19,931 KB Size 120 x 40
Map Production Date : April, 29, 2019  

GrowthMap Opens in new window
Growth Map
The Glynn County Growth Map depicts current proposed and preliminary development in the county. Proposed is defined as properties and units that are in the Community Development process. Preliminary is defined as initial discussions have taken place regarding the possible development of an area, but the proscribed development process has not yet been initiated.
8,240 KB (zipped file) Size: 40 X 60
Map Production Date : October 20, 2014

Historical Resources Map 
Established in 1777, Glynn County is home to many historical resources. The Glynn County Historical Resources map displays significant historical events and points of interest located throughout the County. Historical resources depicted on the map include: the Brunswick-Altamaha Canal, cemeteries, historical major roads, historical markers, historical points of interest, historical railroads, military engagement sites, and sites on the National Register of Historic Places.
5,954 KB Size: 30 X 40
Map Production Date: November 24, 2008

EvacuationRoutes Opens in new windowHurricane Evacuation Routes Map 
The Glynn County evacuation map displays the prescribed routes that the Glynn County Police Department has developed to evacuate the County in an orderly manner should a hurricane or other hazard threaten our area.
File Size: 2,163 KB
Map Size: 34 x 44
Map Production Date: May 30, 2019

HurricaneSurgeHurricane Surge Map
The hurricane surge map depicts the estimated impact of a hurricane surge to the county. Areas affected by a storm surge are depicted by hurricane category based on the elevation of the areas and the estimated storm surge based on the category of hurricane.
6216 KB Size:42 X 60
Map Production Date: January 10, 2021

GeodeticSurvey Opens in new window
National Geodetic Survey Map 
This map shows survey monuments that are published with the National Geodetic Survey(NGS) and have been recovered by Glynn County. For further information on the survey monuments depicted on this map visit the National Geodetic Survey website at
10,539 KB Size: 41x60
Map Production Date: December 30, 2014

BakerZonesPolice Baker Zones Map
A map of the Glynn County Police Baker Zones, including major roads and jurisdictional limits.
1,963 KB Size: 11 X 17
Map Production Date: January 10, 2021

BrunswickSubdivisionsResidential Subdivisions - City of Brunswick Map 
A map of the residential subdivisions of the City of Brunswick. Industrial parks and major commercial centers are labeled, as well as points of interest such as schools, police/fire stations, cemeteries, and parks.
7,342 KB Size: 36 X 48
Map Production Date: December 9, 2010

SSIBeachAccessSt.Simons Island Beach Access Map
471 KB
Size 11 X 17
Map Production Date: March 12, 2015

TaxDistrictsTax Districts Map
Size 24 X 36
Map Production Date: January 10, 2021

VegetativeCover Opens in new windowVegetative Cover Map 
A map of Glynn County’s Vegetative Cover. Source: DNR Land Cover_2008 Georgia Department of Natural Resources Non-Game Species Division.
2,629 KB
Map Production Date: June 25, 2009

VegetativeCommunityVegetative Community Classification Map 
A map of Glynn County’s Natural Community Classification.
863 KB
Map Production Date: June 25, 2009

VotingPrecincts Opens in new window
Voting Precincts & House Districts
The Glynn County Voting Precincts maps display the voting precinct boundaries throughout the county. Each district is labeled with the county precinct number along with the county precinct name. The maps also depict major and light duty road classifications. The maps depicted are to serve as a general reference of voting districts boundaries.

ZipCodes Opens in new windowZip Code Map
This map displays all zip codes located within Glynn County.
1,966 KB Size: 11 X 17
Map Production Date: January 10, 2021

Zoning Opens in new windowZoning Map
The official zoning map for Glynn County.
 5,936 KB
Size: 24 X 36
Map Production Date: October 27, 2017