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Hurricane Irma

Public Service Announcement: September 19, 2017
 Preparation for debris removal 


GLYNN COUNTY, Ga.- Debris removal following Hurricane Irma will be conducted in the near future.  In anticipation of the debris removal activities, residents are asked to place storm-generated debris in piles at the curb in front of their home as soon as possible.  Debris pick-up includes woody, vegetative debris and other construction and demolition (C&D) storm-related debris such as fencing, shingles, carpet, drywall, etc. Please separate woody, vegetative debris from other debris, as there will be separate pick-ups for each. 

Contractors will not be picking up debris placed in bags.  If you have contracted with Republic Services for annual yard debris pick-up services, those services will resume on October 2 and those items should be placed in bags per regular operating instructions. All storm related debris should be moved to the county right-of-way so it can be picked up.

As you place tree debris at the curb, please adhere to the following guidelines:


1.           Do not place debris on top of utilities, for example: cable, phone, electrical, storm drain boxes or fire hydrants.
2.           Please do not place debris in front of or around your mailbox.
3.           Please do not place debris in front of or around your driveway, as emergency vehicles may need to enter the                    area.
4.           Please drive with extreme caution in areas with large debris piles.

5.           Please do not block or dump any debris into the storm drains or ditches. This will cause a flood hazard.

6.           Please aid contractors by sweeping excess and loose debris from the street in front of your house.

Contractors will ONLY collect disaster related debris. Please do not attempt to place garbage or other household refuse with the disaster debris, as it will not be accepted.   

Pending authorization from the Board of Commissioners, permission will be required to enter private roads and subdivisions for the purpose of debris removal.  Any private street or gated community that wishes to request debris pick-up should have a representative contact the Glynn County debris pick-up coordinator by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 912-554-7731.  A Right of Entry agreement will be required by any Home Owners Association (HOA) or private land owners (in the case of a private street) interested in participating in the debris pick-up program.   This form will be available at  This link is also accessible through the County’s main page in the Alert banner at the top of the page or the Hurricane Irma Update tab.  In addition, the form may be picked up in person at the Harold Pate Building, 1725 Reynolds St., Suite 224. Forms should be submitted as quickly as possible, but no later than October 2, 2017.

For questions regarding regular trash pick-up or debris related pick-up, please call the Glynn County Customer Service line at 912-554-7111.  Residents have the option of utilizing their recycling bins to dispose of garbage through September 29.  Yard waste and regular recycling service will not be picked up until October 2 to accommodate the increase of household garbage. Additional bags left outside a bin will not be picked up; however, household garbage can be dropped off at the drop off centers free of charge for the next two weeks. The drop off locations are located at 550 Young Lane in Brunswick and behind the farmers market on St. Simons Island.

To report unsafe debris situations (e.g. leaning trees, debris piles in front of stop signs, etc.) please call the Glynn County Public Works Department at 912-554-7746.

We appreciate your patience, cooperation and assistance.


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