Glynn County Board of Commissioners Internship Program


The mission of the Glynn County Collegiate Internship Program is to create long-term benefits for the participating departments and the interns. The departments receive the opportunity to work on special projects that they, in most cases, are unable to act upon due to time and budgeting constraints. For the interns, this program offers hands-on experience with the usage of practical applications that are in place to educate them on the various aspects of county administration. In addition, the interns become better equipped at making daily managerial decisions, which benefits them in their professional and educational careers.

Why intern with Glynn County?

In our organization we strive to make Glynn County the premier place to live and work in the southeastern United States through the provision of quality services to the citizens, and a safe, harmonious work environment for our employees.

We recognize the importance of customer service in government and are interested in students with a similar commitment to the provision of excellent service. High ethical standards are a requisite for any employee at any level of the organization.

If you are interested in doing an internship with an agency that values employees, customers and operates at the highest ethical level, we encourage you to apply for our COLLEGIATE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM today.