Disc Golf Regulations
  1. Disc Golf is played like ball golf, using flying discs. One stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown. Lowest score wins.
  2. Tee throws must be made from within the “Tee Box” area (approx 5X5 yards). Violation = 1 stroke penalty.
  3. After teeing off, the player whose disc is farthest from the hole always throws first. The player with the fewest strokes on the previous hole is first to tee off.
  4. Fairway throws must be made with the foot closest to the hole on the spot where the last throw came to rest. (Penalty for violation: 1 stroke)
  5. A run-up and normal follow through, after release, are allowed more than 10 yards from the hole. Inside 10 yards, a player may not step past his/her lie. “Falling” or “jumping putts are not allowed inside 10 yards.
  6. A golfer had “holed” the disc when the disc lands in a “catcher basket”
  7. Maximum score for any hole is 6 “strokes”
  8. A throw that lands or travels out-of-bounds (OB) must be played from the point where the disc went out-of-bounds. 1 stroke penalty.
  9. OUT OF BOUNDS (OB) Left of the fence on hole 6.
  10. When a players loses a disc, all members of the team should stop and help players locate the disc.
  12. Have Fun!