Payment Policy

Information Technology

Requesting Maps, Photography and Reports from GIS

1.0 Overview
The GIS Division of the Information Technology Department provides information, data files, reports and maps to Glynn County departments and agencies, individuals, companies, non-profit groups and other government agencies. The information collected in the GIS database is a valuable resource for making and supporting decisions that affect the community. Because the information and services provided are important and useful, many requests to produce maps and reports are received. This policy provides the guidelines for disseminating the information that is in the GIS database. The cost to produce the maps and reports are to be borne by the requestor. Any exceptions to this policy shall require approval by the Board of Commissioners.

2.0 Purpose
Establish the rules and procedures for requesting and paying for the costs of producing maps, data files, projects and reports from the GIS Division.

3.0 Scope
These rules and procedures apply to all parties making a request.

4.0 General
Glynn County acquires, develops, maintains, and uses GIS data in support of its internal business functions and the public services it provides. The GIS data which Glynn County distributes and to which it provides access may not be suitable for all purposes or uses. All GIS data sets are provided "as is" with no warranty. It is the user’s responsibility to verify any information derived from the GIS data before making any decisions or taking any actions based on the information. Use of all GIS data and map services provided by the Glynn County are covered by the Data License Agreement

5.0 Rules for Charging Costs

 5.1 Glynn County Departments and Agencies
Departments and agencies of Glynn County will receive copies of any standard maps and data sets with no cost. Departments or agencies requesting information that will require more than two hours of an analyst’s time or the acquisition of equipment will be charged at the rates established in this policy.

5.2 Outside Agencies, Individuals and Companies
The costs of reproducing maps, reports and providing datasets or analytical services will be paid by all organizations not covered or exempted under this policy. The currently published GIS LIDAR and Map Price List is used to calculate the cost for any request. Requests not covered by the GIS LIDAR and Map Price List are considered as projects and the costs of the project will be billed at the County’s actual costs.

5.3 Organizations exempted from Payment of Costs
The following organizations have been approved by the Board of Commissioners as exempt from paying the cost of producing standard data sets and maps:
  •  Commercial entities under contract with Glynn County Government. Data provided is restricted to only that specifically related to the contracted project. 
  • American Red Cross
  • Colleges and/or College Students doing research on a case by case basis

5.4 Projects

Any request for data or services that is not standard or that requires more than 2 hours of preparation time will be considered a project. Projects are billed to the requestor at the hourly rate established in the GIS Price List. A minimum of 2 hours will be charged for any non-standard work or creation of datasets or maps.

6.0 Technical Information

GIS Data Files: Glynn County uses ESRI's ArcGIS product family for geographic design work. The County’s standard geospatial coordinate system is Georgia State Plane Zone 1001 East, North American Datum of 1983. Horizontal measurement units are in survey feet.
Distribution of GIS data file formats may include any of the following:
ArcInfo 9.2 shape files
ArcGIS 9.2 Personal Geodatabase structure (RDBMS files)
AutoCAD Drawing files (*.DWG)
AutoCAD Drawing Interchange files (*.DXF)
Image Format files (*.TIF and Mr SID)PDF

7.0 Procedure for Requesting Data

7.1 Follow this procedure to acquire data sets or maps:

Review Glynn County’s GIS Data Index to identify the data you want. Determine how you want GIS to deliver the data. –DVD/CD, email, FTP, or hard copy

7.2 Complete the GIS Data Request Form which includes:
  • the GIS data set name(s) 
  • payment as calculated on the form(GIS will notify you if the payment needs to be adjusted)
  • Completed GIS Data Distribution Agreement 
  • Delivery and contact information as necessary to get the data to you 
7.3. Submit the request to:
Glynn County GIS
Attn: GIS Request for Information
1725 Reynolds Street
Brunswick, GA 31520
Email to: [email protected]

7.4. Requests received via email or fax will be filled by Glynn County staff upon receipt of the hardcopy written request and payment.
Requests will be completed on a first requested / first delivered basis. Requests will be filled within three working days or the requester will be notified when the data will be available. However, Glynn County internal priorities may supersede external requests. Staff will make the best effort possible to fulfill each request in a timely fashion. No guaranteed delivery dates or times are possible

8.0 Disclaimers and User Agreements
All data provided is maintained to the best ability of Glynn County Government. GIS data is provided “as is” and users assume all risks associated with decisions based on this data. Maps and data provided are for illustration purposes.

9.0 Web Site Access
The GIS web site is available to the public and much of the GIS data is available there at no charge. Any computer with internet access can be used to obtain the data. The web site provides features and information in addition to that which is at no charge for a subscription fee. Please go to the GIS data web site for more information.

10.0 GIS Data and Map Products

10.1 GIS Data: Computer files which contain geographic coordinates and tabular information, geo-referenced digital aerial photography, and continuous surface data are considered GIS data.

10.2 Maps: Digital or hardcopy map documents are often created as presentation graphics resulting from County business functions which use GIS technology. These maps are presented on the County’s website, in public meetings, and in County reports and publications. These documents are considered public information in most cases and are available for the cost of reproduction.

10.3 Distribution: Glynn County will write its GIS data holdings to CDROM and deliver it to you. Before delivery can be started, the County must receive a signed data license agreement, payment for labor, materials, and shipping costs as specified in the GIS Price List.
11.0 About Our Data:
Natural Color Ortho-photography: Feb, 2007
LIDAR Feb 2007
Topography: Feb 2007
Infra Red Ortho-Photography Feb 2007
Property Boundaries: Updates made daily
Addresses: Updates made Daily
Street Centerlines: Updates made Daily
Zoning: Updates made when changes approved
Land Use: Updates made when changes approved

12.0 Prices and Product list
Price List: GIS will maintain a list of the standard products, services and their cost. The hourly rate to be charged for services will be on the list.

13.0 Revision History
13.1 Written February 25, 2007 Author- John Catron