Ad Valorem Taxes

Unless exempt by law, all vehicles (that were purchased prior to March 1, 2013) are subject to ad valorem taxes based on values set by the State Department of Revenue. If purchased on or after March 1, 2013 then see Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) for instructions. Ad valorem tax is computed by multiplying the State-assessed value by the local millage rate. The tax is due during the 30 day period ending at midnight on your birthday, or for businesses, within your renewal month. If you purchase a vehicle, or bring a vehicle into Georgia, before or during your 30 day registration period, ad valorem tax is due by your registration deadline. If you purchase (or bring in) a vehicle after your registration period, ad valorem tax is not due until the following year, but you must still register and tag the vehicle.

Ad valorem taxes are due on inoperative vehicles and must be paid by your deadline to avoid penalty.

Non-resident active duty military may request exemption from ad valorem taxes based on their residency in another state. You must apply in person at the Tag Office. A letter from the Commanding Office is required. Active duty military personnel may claim tax exemption or homestead exemption, but not both. All Georgia residents, including military, are subject to ad valorem taxes.

Special Tags
Georgia Department of Revenue

Special Tags include "made to order" prestige plates and other tags that have specific eligibility requirements. Additional fees apply in most cases. Applications are accepted January through July for the following year. Forms are available at the Tag Office or call 554-7000 to request one. The State Department of Revenue will provide the applicant an approval letter which you must submit to the Tag Office along with your registration form to receive your tag. Special tags can be processed by mail or picked up at The Harold Pate Building, 1725 Reynolds Street, Suite 100, Brunswick, Georgia 31520.

Guard/reserve applicants must submit a letter each year by the Commanding Officer stating eligibility and including the applicant's social security number.

Renewal of Registration Through Mail
Only residents registering a vehicle for the first time, changing a title due to new ownership or making a name change need to register in person. If you are renewing your GLYNN County registration you can MAIL IT!

Billing Cycle for Renewals
You should receive your bill about 30 days prior to your deadline. If you do not have a bill to renew your GLYNN County registration 3 weeks prior to your deadline, please call (912) 554.7000.

A request for a bill or non-receipt of a bill does not relieve your obligation to renew by your deadline. If you receive a bill for a vehicle you no longer own, discard it. If you have moved out of GLYNN County, contact your new county Tag Office.

Transferring a Tag
KEEP YOUR TAG when transferring ownership of a vehicle. Tags no longer remain with a vehicle when there is a change of ownership. The tag belongs to the first owner or lessee (not lessor) listed whether an individual or a company. It can be transferred to a replacement vehicle in the same owner's name. You will need to demonstrate that your "old" vehicle has been sold. The transfer fee is $5.

When you renew your registration in the current year, you will receive a decal for the following year to be placed in the lower RIGHT corner of your tag, covering any decal already present there.

If you did not receive a bill for a vehicle previously registered in GLYNN County , if your address has changed, or for further information, call the TAG Office at (912) 554.7000.