Emergency Information

How do I get Emergency Information?NOAA Radio
NOAA Weather Radio
The stations, which are remotely controlled by the National Weather Service office, provide a recorded weather message and an audible tone to alert the listener to severe weather. Locally, the NSW office in Jacksonville provides this information. Some models are programmable to receive only those alarms that pertain to a local geographical area, such as Glynn County. One section of the broadcast is for local emergency information. This allows EMA to have information concerning road closures, school closures, evacuation, etc., broadcast during an emergency. The call sign for the Brunswick station is WWH-39 and it operates on a frequency of 162.425. Prices for the radios range from a few dollars to around $80.00, depending on how many bells and whistles you desire. Radio Shack has several different models of these radios in stock.

The Weather Channel
Through an arrangement with the Duval County Florida Emergency Management Agency, the Glynn County EMA will be able to have up to date information made available for broadcast on the Jacksonville media outlets. You are advised to use these sources as secondary ones, since their primary focus will be on the Jacksonville, Duval County, Northeast Florida area. The same types of arrangements are being negotiated for Savannah media outlets.

Peach State Radio
Through the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, an arrangement has been made with Peach State Radio, the Georgia Public Radio Network, to broadcast evacuation and other emergency information over all Peach State Radio stations. Since these stations are all over the state, you can receive emergency information just about anywhere in the State. The locations and frequencies, all of which are FM, are listed below:
  • Albany 91.7
  • Carrollton 90.7
  • Fort Gaines 90.9
  • Valdosta 91.7
  • Athens 91.7 / 97.9
  • Columbus 88.1
  • Macon 89.7
  • Waycross 90.1
  • Augusta 90.7
  • Demorest 88.3
  • Savannah 91.1
  • Brunswick 89.1
  • Dahlonega 89.5
  • Tifton 91.1

AM & FM Radio
The Glynn County EMA will continue the policy of distributing up to date information to all local media outlets for broadcast. You should remember that emergency information may not change for several hours, and just because you hear the same information several times does not mean the information is outdated. Also, EMA cannot control how soon or how often information will be broadcast, that is up to the station program director.

Tune your FM radio to 104.9 - Glynn County's Emergency Advisory Radio System.
Ready America
Schools, Motels, Hotels, Industry & Businesses
Any request concerning the above should be directed to that organization, as EMA will not have any of that type of information.

Anyone can still call the normal EMA number, 267.5678, for information. This number is on a rollover system to several other phones. You are, however, encouraged to listen to the media rather than tie up the telephone lines requesting routine information.