Right of Way Permit

Procedures for Obtaining a Glynn County Right-of-Way Permit

  1. Application forms for permits will be made available at the Building Inspection office and Engineering Division office. A typical street repair detail will also be available at these locations.
  2. Applicants are required to provide all information that is requested on the application form. The completed application should be returned to the Building Inspection office or Engineering Division office. Incomplete applications are subject to denial.
  3. A traffic control plan must accompany the application. The traffic control plan will be reviewed and approved by the Right-of-Way Coordinator. All traffic control plans shall be in accordance with the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  4. For projects that require complete or partial road closure, a five-day public notice (press release) is required before road closure. The public notice will be prepared by Glynn County based on five days advance notice of project start date.
  5. The Community Development Department, Engineering Division will review the application for compliance with Glynn County specifications, before a permit is issued.
  6. A bond and/or capitol tapping fees may be required before issuing a permit depending on the location and/or type of construction. The amount of the bond/capitol tapping fee will be set during the review process. The applicant will be notified as to the amount of the bond/capitol tapping fee. Posting of the bond/capitol tapping fee will be done at the Building Inspection office.
  7. The Engineering Division will notify the applicant when the application has been approved. The permit can be picked up at the Building Inspection office or the permit can be emailed to the applicant upon request.
  8. Repair work for paved roads shall be in accordance with the typical street repair detail. Geotechnical testing will be required on the backfill materials placed in the repair work. All paved road cuts shall have a completion date when the permanent repairs will be completed.
  9. A 24-hour notification is required before the work is started. Notification is to be made to the Engineering Division at 912-554-7216.
  10. The permit must remain at the work site and be available upon request. Utility Line Locates shall remain current during the construction process.
  11. A permit expires six months from the date of issuance.
  12. A $100.00 application fee is required for all permits other than those submitted by authorized utility companies.

NOTE: New developments are not exempt from this permitting process.

For questions or assistance, contact one of the following.

  • Chuck Flowers, Right of Way Coordinator
    Phone: (912) 554.7216 email

Complete, print, and sign the application. Turn in the application with a traffic control plan and application fee to:

Glynn County Building Inspection Office

1725 Reynolds St, Suite 200

Brunswick, GA 31520

OR you can begin the application process online by clicking here Apply for a Permit

Glynn County Typical Street Repair Detail - ROW