Ordinances and Regulations

  • Code of Ordinances - All of the ordinances and codes are established by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners.

  • Zoning Ordinances - The Zoning Ordinance primarily regulates land uses and the density of development. The current zoning ordinance was adopted in 1966 and comprehensively updated. Many revisions have been made since that time to keep the Ordinance in tune with the needs for managing development.

    • List of Glynn County Planned Development Texts (Note: If you are unable to find the text you are looking for please use the search option. The search option can be found in the left hand column on any of the Glynn County web pages)

  • Subdivision Regulations (pdf) - The Subdivision Regulations set up procedures and standards for the subdivision of land. These standards primarily address the provision of infrastructure (particularly public infrastructure, such as roads, drainage, and utilities) to support the development.

    Design Standards