In summer of 1997 the Superior Court of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit received a planning grant for the purposes of beginning implementation of the Glynn/Camden Counties Drug Court. Judge Amanda Williams, as the director of the Drug Court visited several courts around the country and began to conceptualize the two year treatment program now in place.

Judge Williams had a meeting of several providers during early 1998 and requested that they work with her on the implementation grant and eventually provide the treatment for the Drug Court. Only one provider attended the second meeting, Wayne Bland owner/director of Recovery Place of Savannah. Mr. Bland agreed to assist in writing the grant and developing the program.

In the spring of 1998, an implementation grant was applied for and was not awarded, however, Judge Williams decided to begin the drug court in November of 1998 with funds left over from the planning grant, inmate funds, and two small grants from both Glynn and Camden Counties. The treatment court opened that month with five participants and three part-time staff.

In late December 1998, Judge Williams received word from the Justice Department that monies were available if we could resubmit our grant. A $521,000 two year grant was awarded to the Glynn/Camden Counties Drug Court retroactive to October of 1998. In addition, there were matching in-kind and dollar funds of $273,000 from the two counties involved.

In July 2000 the office of Drug Courts U.S. Department of Justice awarded a continuation grant to the court for $300,000 for another two year period, from October 2000 to October 2002. Glynn County and Camden County have both increased their commitment of matching federal funds from $25,000 to $50,000 each. The city of Brunswick has for the first time committed $25,000. In addition, both counties provide funds from inmate funds and in-kind services that is office space, supplies, and telecommunications. The local and federal funds enabled the court to continue but presently we need an additional $150,000 a year to meet our goals and to provide other needed services.

Recovery Place of Savannah provides drug court treatment services to the Glynn/Camden Counties Drug Court. Recovery Place is a CARF accredited intensive out patient treatment program having received a three year accreditation in January 2000. Recovery Place has in place at the Drug Court the management system including credentialing and supervision of staff, the clinical records and the outcome management that follows the accreditation process. Recovery Place is also licensed by Department of Human Resources Office of Regulatory Services to provide intensive outpatient alcohol and drug treatment.