Fees and Procedures


There is a fee of $79.00 (cash, check payable to Glynn County Probate Court or credit card). Credit Card Payments will incur a $2.00 convenience fee. This includes an application fee, background check fee and $ 5.00 for fingerprinting. Effective July 1st 2014 Renewals done no sooner than 90 days before the expiration and no later than 30 days expired, renewed in the same county of residence will be subject to a renewal fee of $31.00. If you are retired LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) with valid proof of Retirement Credentials (Badge with Retired labeled, LEOSA ID card, Or Retirement separation paperwork that specifically states that you did in fact Separate at a Retired LEO) are subject to getting their Weapons Carry License at a Discount. With Proper documentation they will receive their Carry permit for $8.00 regardless if it is a new application or a renewal. 

  • Effective July 1st 2014 Under Georgia Law (HB60), Applications made 90 days prior to the expiration of the current license or within 30 days after expiration of the previous license shall be considered for renewal licenses.
  • A lost, stolen or damaged license may be replaced upon payment of a fee of $6.00. A sworn statement that the license has been lost or stolen is required. If the license was stolen, the theft must be reported to the law enforcement agency where the theft occurred. The prior license will be revoked by Court order, which will be reported to the local law enforcement agencies. Name and address change will be issued for a $6.00 fee.

  • There is no refund of any part of the fee once the application is filed.

  • Upon receipt of the required criminal and mental health records, those records are reviewed for the applicant's eligibility to receive a license. (Important: Ineligible Person) Any questions concerning eligibility are referred to the Judge of Probate Court for determination. If the applicant is determined to be eligible to receive a license, the license is issued.
  • The Glynn County Probate Court has no control over the length of time for the return of the criminal and mental health records from the FBI and the GBI. For new applications, this process may take as long as 4 months.

  • The Court may not issue a license until the necessary reports have been received and reviewed.