Magistrate Court

*** Effective November 13, 2023: Magistrate Court Clerk's Office will no longer accept personal checks. Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, or Cash are the only acceptable payment methods.***

Click Here to view Standing Order on Preliminary/Bond Motion Deadline (Amended 9.6.23)

The Glynn County Magistrate Court's jurisdiction includes the following:

  • Civil Claims $15,000 or less
  • Application for and Issuance of Criminal Arrest Warrants
  • Prosecution of County Ordinance Violations
  • Preliminary Hearings
  • Dispossessory Warrants Landlord Tenant)
  • Garnishments
  • Foreclosures
  • Prosecution of Misdemeanor Deposit Account Fraud (Bad Checks)

**Effective July 27, 2021, the issuance of a FIFA will be $5.00 to prepare and $25.00 to record (O.C.G.A. § 15-10-80)**

 No jury trials are held in this court. Appeals from decisions in landlord, tenant and civil cases are made to the Superior and State courts.

1st Appearance hearings are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 AM at the Glynn County Courthouse in the Magistrate Courtroom.