State Court Clerk's Office

Clerk of State Court of Glynn County

COVID-19 and the State Court Clerk's Office 

 We urge people who are ill or suspect they have been exposed to COVID-19 to avoid the courthouse if at all possible.

The State Court Clerk's office will remain open for essential functions until further notice.  Critical functions in State Court will continue.  Payments will be accepted both at our lobby window and online through the payment portal.  Filings for civil and criminal will be processed through e-filing or at our lobby window.


The Clerk of State Court's office will NOT have anyone call you in regards to an outstanding warrant, nor ask you for pre-paid debit cards to pay for missing jury duty. This is a SCAM. If you have any questions as to a validity of a claim, please contact the Clerk of State Court's office @ 912-554-7325  PRIOR to submitting any funds.

The State Court of Glynn County handles Civil Law Suits, Garnishments, Eviction Proceedings, Personal Property Foreclosures, Traffic Citations and Misdemeanor Cases. We hope that you take a minute to browse our page and find a lot of helpful information. 


The Clerk's Office also provides complete administrative support for the judicial operation of State Court. The Clerk's Office serves as custodian for the Court records. The Clerk's Office receives, processes and disburses all fines, fees and surcharges on traffic and criminal cases ordered by the Judge. The Clerk's Office also receives, processes and disburses all funds held in escrow arising out of civil proceedings. All funds collected by the Clerk are accounted for and disbursed according to Court orders and State law.

Clerk of State Court: Brenda Boone-Cove 

Brenda Boone-Cove was sworn in as Clerk of State Court in Glynn County in 2009 after having served as the Chief Deputy Clerk for four years. Prior to serving as the Chief Deputy Clerk, Brenda served as the Accounting Technician in the Clerk of State Court's office for over seven years.
 Brenda attended Glynn County public schools through 12th grade.  After graduation from high school, she attended Brunswick Junior College, the University of Georgia and Armstrong State College where she received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Criminal Justice in 1992.  She received a State Court Clerks' Certificate in 2014 from the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government.
 Brenda currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia. She currently is a Board Trustee for the College Foundation with the College of Coastal Georgia.  Brenda previously served on the Board of Directors for the United Way of Coastal Georgia from 2013 through 2016 and was the Board Chair in 2015.  Brenda has resided in Glynn County for over 50 years and is active in this community.


Chief Deputy Clerk: Rodney Bart Bennett

Rodney Bart Bennett was sworn in as Chief Deputy Clerk of State Court in Glynn County Georgia on January 2, 2009. Rodney was the Chief Deputy Clerk of Glynn County Superior Court for 7 years prior to being appointed as the Chief Deputy for Clerk of State Court.

Courtroom Deputy Court Clerks 

The principal function of the Courtroom Deputy Clerks is to assist the Judge in the courtroom with the cases that are to be disposed of through the State Court.  Courtroom Deputy Clerks will assist in all court sessions and complete the processing of the paperwork from court.  The Deputy Court Clerks are the liaison between the Clerk's Office, the Judge, the Solicitor's office as well as other courtroom staff.  It is their responsibility to prepare the necessary paperwork and transport the cases to court where those cases will be disposed of by Settlement, Plea, Jury or Non-Jury Trials.  The Courtroom Deputy Court Clerks are the keepers of the cases while in the courtroom.  They handle in rapid and accurate succession the paperwork involved to complete the cases in that court session.  Those courtroom deputies are responsible for completing the court document processing for each case on the docket.

Terms of Court
The State Court of Glynn County operates on terms of court.  Each term consists of 6 months and is defined as follows:

January 1 - June 30

July 1 - December 31



The Clerk of State Court and the Deputy Court Clerks are committed to providing excellent customer service to the public, to attorneys and to other court staff.  We will be happy to assist you and answer questions you may have in reference to services of this office or the procedures you must follow for a specific state court process.  Please understand however, that state law prohibits our staff from providing legal advice, providing attorney references, giving instructions for forms, or recommending specific ways to pursue legal action. The information provided in this web page is not intended to advise anyone as to legal remedies for a particular circumstance.
 Many matters of law are complex and may require specialized knowledge of the law.  We suggest in those circumstances that you contact an attorney licensed in the State of Georgia.