County Manager

Mr. William Fallon was selected as Glynn County Manager effective May 9, 2022.  In his capacity, Mr. Fallon oversees county government functions to include Public Works, Community Development, Police, Fire, Emergency Management, Recreation and Parks, Budget & Finance, Human Capital, Information Technology, and more.  

Previously, Mr. Fallon served as the Deputy Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) where he had oversight of all operations related to the development and delivery of collaborative law enforcement training & he had oversight of all FLETC programs and functions associated with the administration of FLETC’s $350 Million budget, 1,200 full-time employees, and 2,000 contract employees.  Before FLETC, Mr. Fallon spent 27 years with the United States Marshals Service in various command positions around the nation, finishing as the Assistant Director for Training.

Quarterly Execution Review (QER) Implementation

In October 2023, County Manager William Fallon introduced a quarterly reporting methodology known as the QER, standing for Quarterly Execution Review. Originating from Fallon's experience at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), this best practice model was established to enhance transparency, reporting, and review processes within departments and leadership.  It is strategically crafted to optimize organizational efficiency.  

The QER involves the participation of staff members, supervisors, and administrators in discussions and updates concerning ongoing projects or initiatives within the organization. The inaugural QER for Glynn County, held in November, focused on SPLOST 22 projects. The meeting was broadcast live on the Glynn County YouTube channel, with the public encouraged to attend. The next quarter focused on the work being done to accomplish the County's 2023 - 2026 Strategic Plan.

Glynn County has committed to conducting QERs as a regular reporting tool.  These will alternate between SPLOST and Strategic Planning as the topic to report on. 

Each QER will be live-streamed on the Glynn County YouTube channel, ensuring accessibility for the public. Timely public notices will be posted, welcoming all interested individuals to attend these informative sessions. 

                                      Click the links below to view Quarterly Execution Reviews

November 2023 - SPLOST
February 2024 - Strategic Plan, Part One
February 2024 - Strategic Plan, Part Two 


The SPLOST 2022 referendum was approved by Glynn County voters during the General Election on November 8, 2022. Collections from the 1-cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax began in April 2023 and will end in March 2029 (6 years). Glynn County received our first SPLOST monthly revenue on May 31, 2023.

1% = 100% imapct SPLOST logoThis 1 percent sales tax will pay for new sidewalks, drainage projects for storm preparedness, recreation and park enhancements, road and traffic improvements, public safety needs, and general infrastructure around the county. SPLOST funding allows tourists, renters, and non-residents to contribute through the 1-cent tax.

Strategic Plan

Through a partnership with the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government, the Glynn County Board of Commissioners and Administration began discussions and meetings to craft a direction for staff as well as a strategy for the future. 

Establishing Glynn County for future success begins with implementing a Strategic Plan that aligns with the vision, values, and goals set forth by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners.

The 2023 – 2026 Strategic Plan encompasses a comprehensive vision statement, mission statement, values, goals, and objectives, all of which the staff are dedicated to achieving by the end of 2026.

We envision Glynn County as a community that fosters a Culture of Service Excellence, prioritizes safety through community engagement, education, and preparedness, and creates a connected environment where families thrive.

For more information on the Glynn County Strategic Plan: Click Here

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