Chief Deputy Clerk of State Court

Courtroom Deputy Court Clerks 

The principal function of the Courtroom Deputy Clerks is to assist the Judge in the courtroom with the cases that are to be disposed of through the State Court.  Courtroom Deputy Clerks will assist in all court sessions and complete the processing of the paperwork from court.  The Deputy Court Clerks are the liaison between the Clerk's Office, the Judge, the Solicitor's office as well as other courtroom staff.  It is their responsibility to prepare the necessary paperwork and transport the cases to court where those cases will be disposed of by Settlement, Plea, Jury or Non-Jury Trials.  The Courtroom Deputy Court Clerks are the keepers of the cases while in the courtroom.  They handle in rapid and accurate succession the paperwork involved to complete the cases in that court session.  Those courtroom deputies are responsible for completing the court document processing for each case on the docket.

Terms of Court
The State Court of Glynn County operates on terms of court.  Each term consists of 6 months and is defined as follows:

January 1 - June 30

July 1 - December 31

Chief Deputy Clerk: Rodney Bart Bennett

Rodney Bart Bennett was sworn in as Chief Deputy Clerk of State Court in Glynn County Georgia on January 2, 2009. Rodney was the Chief Deputy Clerk of Glynn County Superior Court for 7 years prior to being appointed as the Chief Deputy for Clerk of State Court.