Polling Location, Precinct, and District Changes

Below are links to information on Polling Location moves, Precinct Boundary changes, and legislative Redistricting.  Information about the types of changes, historical information, and maps will be available below. 

2023 Polling Location and Precinct Changes

Completed in August 2023.  This moved approximately 15,000 voters in Glynn County to new polling locations and shifted precinct boundaries to align precincts with the 2021 revised District lines.  This moved all voting out of Glynn County Schools which alleviates traffic during school pickup/drop off times.

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2021 Redistricting

Every ten years after the Census is complete, Federal and State lines are redrawn to adjust to the new population in each area.  After these lines are drawn, County Commission lines are also redrawn.  Information on the page below will explain that process and provide you with information about those changes.

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