2023 Precinct and Poll Location Changes

The Glynn County Board of Elections and Registration will be changing some precinct boundaries and poll locations on mainland Glynn County.    These changes will better serve the voters and public of Glynn County.  

The proposed map below meets several goals of the Board of Elections and Registration.  First, voting will no longer take place in county schools.  This eliminates the traffic and other issues related to having elections inside school buildings.  Second, these changes alleviate issues regarding polls with small buildings or other logistical challenges.  Third, the number of precincts will allow us to better staff quality poll worker teams at each location.  Fourth, this accounts for the population growth expected over the next 10 years.

Changes to polling locations are primarily in these areas:  Sterling, west of I-95, US Highway 17 North, Exit 29, and central Glynn around the Mall/FLETC.  There are also minor changes to other areas.  The map below will allow you to search an address to see its new precinct and voting location.    City of Brunswick, St. Simons Island, and Jekyll Island voters are not impacted by these changes.

Many voters will be impacted and the public is encouraged to examine the maps and provide feedback.  The proposed map below is currently open for public comment through July 30.  If you would like to leave public comment, you may click the "Public Comment Portal" button below.  Public comments will be distributed to all Board members before a final action is taken on this proposed map.

A link to the current map, for comparison, can be found here:https://www.glynncounty.org/1077/Voting-Precincts

To download the shapefile, click here: ProposedPrecinctPollChanges.Zip