Open Records Request

Glynn County Police Department Records and Reports Section 
The Records Section of the Glynn County Police Department keeps all incident and accident/crash reports as well as other department records. The officer completing a police report will give you a card with the report number on it. It is very helpful if you bring this number with you when picking up your report. There is no cost for the first copy to persons involved in the incident / accident. 

Open Records Requests for Police Reports, Documents and Records 

The Georgia Open Records Act establishes the right to inspect and/or receive public records, excluding those records that are specifically exempted by court order or law. To inspect and/or receive records from the Glynn County Police Department , please complete the online form at this link Please be specific and include date ranges, subjects, types of records, author, etc. This will assist us in responding to your request.

All Open Records Requests must be submitted to the Open Records Officer via the online link After receiving your request the Open Records Officer, their alternate, or a representative from the department holding the records will contact you within three (3) business days to provide a timeline for production of any responsive records. If you have not heard anything back on your ORR after 3 days, please email [email protected]. Any requests for records that are served upon any other officer or employee shall not be deemed filed until the requester has filed his or her request with the Open Records Officer or the Alternate Open Records Officer.

When requesting open records information the following will be required:
  • Date of request
  • Name of requester
  • Phone number (home and work)
  • Date and time of incident
  • Address of incident
  • Case number
  • Person(s) involved
  • Reason for request

Responses & Fees

Responses may include the cost to search, retrieve, copy, redact, and/or supervise inspection of the requested document(s). The cost represents the hourly rate of the lowest paid full-time employee who has the necessary skills and training to respond to your request. There is no charge for the first 15 minutes. The fee for letter or legal size copies is $0.10 per page. Other types of documents or electronic media are charged based upon the county’s expense to reproduce the record. Where fees for certain records are otherwise prescribed by law, such specific fees shall apply. Payment is required upon receipt of the records. 

Accident/Crash Reports 

Accident reports are now available online through
Accident Form - Please complete this form and submit through NextRequest for all accident report requests. 

If you wish to obtain a copy of an accident report in person,  we request that you supply as much of the following information as possible:
  • Case Number
  • Party(s) Involved
  • Location
  • Date Occurred
  • Time
A signed statement of need specifying one of the following conditions will be necessary for you to obtain accident report information:
  • Has a personal, professional, or business connection with a party to the accident (specify)
  • Owns or leases an interest in property allegedly or actually damaged in the accident
  • Was allegedly or actually injured by the accident
  • Was a witness to the accident
  • Is the actual or alleged insurer of a party to the accident actually or allegedly damaged by the accident
  • Is a prosecutor or a publicly employed law enforcement officer
  • Is alleged to be liable to another party as a result of the accident
  • Is an attorney stating that he or she needs the requested reports as part of a criminal case, or an investigation of a potential claim involving contentions that a roadway, railroad crossing, or intersection is unsafe
  • Is gathering information as a representative of a news media organization (specify organization)
  • Is conducting research in the public interest for such purposes as accident prevention, prevention of injuries or damages in accidents, determination of fault in an accident or accidents, or other similar purposes; provided, however, this sub-paragraph will apply only to accident reports on accidents that occurred more than 30 days prior to the request and which shall have the name, street address, telephone number and driver's license number redacted. 

In person requests 

You may also submit requests in person at either Glynn County Police Department location, Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM

  • Headquarters at the Carl Alexander Public Safety Building 
    157 Carl Alexander Way 
    Brunswick GA 31525 
  • Island Substation
    1965 Demere Road
    St Simons Island GA 31522