Redistricting is the process of redrawing district lines so as to evenly distribute population among the five county districts.  This is done every 10 years following the completion of the Census. 

The 2020 Census data will help us identify areas in the county where the population has grown.  We will use this data to create proposed maps which balance the five districts.  After a period of review and public feedback, the County Commissioners will select a map to be submitted to the State in order to become law.

Redistricting of state and federal offices is also happening at this time.  Once the new county and state maps have become law, voters of Glynn County will receive a new precinct card if their district or precinct has changed.  New precinct cards will likely be mailed in early 2022.  Notices will also be placed in the paper and online once the process is complete.

This page is designed to provide the public with information throughout the process.  Links to news updates, proposed maps, Census data, local/state redistricting information, and a public comment portal will be posted here.

Glynn County Redistricting Statistics 2020 Census 2010 Census
Total County Population 84,499 79,626
Population 18 Years and Over 66,468 60,395
Registered Voters 65,974 43,606
Ideal District Size 16,900 15,925

2022 Glynn County Districts

To view a larger map, click here.


  • At the December 2, 2021 regular meeting, the Glynn County Board of Commissioners voted to accept the proposed map which has also been approved by the State Reapportionment office.  This map is to be introduced in the next State legislative session, which begins in January 2022.  Once this legislation is passed, this will be the official Glynn County Districts map.  Election redistricting will begin at that point and voters will receive a notification of their new precincts.  Countywide precinct changes will not occur until 2023.  
  • The proposed map, submitted to the State Reapportionment Office, has been given approval to move ahead for consideration, legislation, and adoption.  The Glynn County Board of Commissioners will review the final maps and next steps at the December 2, 2021 meeting.
  • At the October 21, 2021 meeting of the Glynn Board of County Commissioners Proposed Map G was selected and will be submitted to the Joint Reapportionment Committee for review and acceptance.  This map will now be renamed to the 2021 Glynn County Proposed Redistricting Map.
  • Once State redistricting maps are available, links to those maps will be posted on this page.
  • State of Georgia redistricting is going on now.  For information about your state and federal districts, please visit the Joint Reapportionment Committee website.
  • Continue to check here for updates.