SPLOST 2021 Project Descriptions

Roads, Rights of Way, and Access:

  • Frederica Rd. and Sea Island Rd. - $6M
    Consider a variety of approaches to determine the best design for this intersection, so that it improves function by increasing traffic flow, reducing wait times, and minimizing crashes through this heavily utilized intersection. The funds allocated are for design and construction.
  • Glynco Parkway and Canal Rd. - $5M
    This project is needed to increase traffic flow, reduce wait times, and minimize crashes on Canal Road and correct issues at this dangerous intersection. The funds allocated are for design and construction.
  • Glynco Parkway Improvements - $2M
    This project will design improvements to increase traffic flow between Spur 25 and US Highway 17, in order to provide additional capacity as the airport and industrial park continue to grow and bring jobs to Glynn County.
  • St. Simons Gateway Project - $750,000
    This intersection is the gateway onto St. Simons Island. Improvements need to be designed to increase safety, ease the flow of traffic and limit back-ups for citizens and visitors alike as they enter and exit the Island. The design should be environmentally sensitive and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Road Repaving - $3M
    Routine road repaving throughout the County will help to maintain the transportation network.  Monies included in this SPLOST will serve as matching funds for the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) as well as subsidize paving streets beyond the LMIG budget.

  • Somersby Pointe Drainage Improvements - $1.3M
    This project will consist of a drainage study and conditions assessment in the Somersby Pointe area to define the problems caused by flooding and poor soil conditions.  The project will generate plans for correction as well as fund construction improvements.
  • Perry Lane Drainage Improvements - $1.5M
    This project will increase the drainage capacity under Perry Lane Road by replacing an undersized culvert. Furthermore, this project will help to improve safety on this road to meet current and future growth.  Perry Lane serves as a major connector between US Highway 341 and SPUR 25.
  • St. Simons Island Village Drainage Improvements - $1M
    Flooding in the Village has been a consistent problem.  SPLOST 2016 tackled the first phase of the project by addressing the drainage on Mallery Street.  This would be a continuation of the project that would focus most of the work on Butler Avenue to Ocean Blvd. This project is already designed and permitted.


  • Judicial System Space Needs Project - $2MB
    The existing courthouse is undersized and does not meet the needs of our judicial system.  Currently, all courts are not housed in this facility which creates inefficiency and causes a strain on security and operational costs. This project would study and design an expanded space that would best address those issues.

  • Fire Station #5 at Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport - $3.5M
    This station serves both the surrounding community and the Airport.  The station is outdated and undersized. A new station will provide additional resources to respond to the growth of the airport and the surrounding area.  50% of the funding will be provided for by the FAA.

Recreation and Parks:

  • Blythe Island Regional Park Improvement - $1.5M
    The popularity of BIRP continues to increase as does the demand for RV camping.  Revenue generated from this park helps to offset the expenses and improvements to the facility will benefit residents and visitors alike.

  • Coast Guard Beach Master Plan - $2.5M
    Improvements will be made to the existing park that will elevate the beach-going experience for residents and tourists alike. 

  • North Glynn Park Improvements - $1M
  • Add covered batting cages, improve lighting, and general upgrades to facility for recreation use and attract weekend tournament play.

  • Selden Park Improvements - $750,000
    African-American historically significant park in need of improvements and upgrades.


  • North Harrington Road Sidewalk - $450,000
    There is a substantial amount of pedestrian and bicycle traffic along North Harrington Rd.  Without a sidewalk, pedestrians and bikers are using the street which creates a safety hazard by increasing potential conflict with cars.  This project would extend the work that was completed in SPLOST 2016 and is shovel ready.  

  • Old Cypress Mill Road Sidewalk - $515,800
    There is a substantial amount of pedestrian traffic along this road that has increased the demand for a sidewalk in this area for the safety of pedestrians and motorist alike.

  • 4th Street Sidewalk - $300,000
    This would provide for a new 5-foot sidewalk down 4th Street from Mariners Way to Community Action Drive.  


  • I-95 Gateway Signage - $800,000
    Add signage to I-95 at the northern and southern boundaries of the County to create a sense of place to attract tourists to visit Glynn County.

  • Wayfinding Signage - $300,000
    This would fund the County’s portion of the wayfinding signage project that was spearheaded by the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) to provide consistent, visually appealing signage throughout the County and the City of Brunswick that will direct drivers to particular areas of interest.  (The CVB and City have funded their commitment to the project.)


  • St. Simons Airfield Safety and Pavement Improvements - $800,000
    This project consists of serval components necessary for the airfield to meet the new FAA design standards for the aircraft currently utilizing the airport.  This will include improving the condition of the existing pavements and installing aircraft arresting features at the ends of the main runway which will improve community safety by mitigating potential aircraft overruns on Kings Way or Demere Rd. This is the local match for the project with the rest of the funding coming from the FAA.

  • Brunswick- Golden Isles Airport Compass Calibration Pad and Access Taxilane - $300,000
    This is a necessary facility to conduct electronic calibration of aircrafts and also conduct engine run-ups for testing before returning aircrafts to customers for operation.  This facility will help retain current employers and jobs at the airport and attract additional aviation companies to the Brunswick Airport.

Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority Project:

  • Economic Development Site Development and Improvements - $2.5M
    Make a pad ready site at the North Glynn Industrial Park to help attract domestic and foreign companies looking for site so close to 1-95. This will reduce site development time delays and help provide clarity as companies compare sites from different communities.

CITY OF BRUNSWICK - $13,234,200

Public Works Infrastructure:

  • Mill and Pave Various Streets - $3,544,200
    • Resurface, pave and repair various city roads including portions of Altama Avenue and others as identified by Pavement Condition Assessment
    • To repair roads that are deteriorated and in poor condition due to age, drainage, or other issues; to provide better streets for multimodal traffic
  • Sidewalk Replacement and Upgrade - $300,000
    • Repair and/or install concrete sidewalks
  • Storm Drainage Improvements - $4,250,000
    • Install or replace storm drainage inlets, pipes and ditches in neighborhoods and project areas as prioritized by the City's Storm Water Master Plan (2020)
    • To improve drainage in roadways and neighborhoods, and eliminate flooding issues

  • Norwich Street Redevelopment - $140,000
    • Install streetscaping and other improvements to revitalize the Norwich Street Corridor
    • To provide a more attractive and inviting atmosphere for commercial sites located along Norwich Street
  • Downtown Parking/Infrastructure - $300,000
    • Prepare initial architectural and civil conceptual and design documents for construction of a vehicle parking structure in downtown
    • To provide additional vehicle parking for residential and commercial sites as well as special events in the downtown area
  • City Building Improvements - $300,000
    • Restorations and improvements at City buildings such as City Hall, Old City Hall, and other historic buildings
    • To maintain City buildings and other historic structures for use for city departments and operations which serve the public.
  • Trails and Boardwalks - $450,000
    • Construction of Boardwalk Trail along Hwy 17, and other multi-use trail segments
    • To enhance bicycle and pedestrian travelways throughout the City

Public Works and Public Safety Equipment

  • Replacement of Public Works Equipment - $600,000
    • Purchase of new or replacement equipment for Public Works Department.
    • To provide necessary equipment to support the necessary maintenance duties encountered throughout the City
  • Replacement of BPD Vehicles – $350,000
    • Replacement of police vehicles and equipment
    • To provide sufficient equipment to support public safety and community policing
  • Replacement of Fire Ladder Truck - $1.1 M
    • Replacement of fire truck and associated equipment
    • To enhance the capabilities of the fire services to address fires in larger, taller structures

Parks and Community Services:

  • Ritz Theater - $300,000
    • Building renovations and design of 2nd and 3rd floor apartments
    • To enhance the quality of life in the community in support of the arts and other cultural activities.  To support downtown residential growth.
  • Mary Ross Park Development Project - $200,000

  • R. Lawrence Youth Center - $750,000
    • Building renovations to upgrade facilities including interior, exterior, activity spaces and grounds
    • To provide better facilities for programming of activities and events for neighborhood children and the community
  • R. Harris Senior Center Improvements - $150,000
    • Replace building roof and repair exterior
    • Provide a safe clean environment for senior citizens
  • Other Park Improvements - $250,000
    • Repair and upgrade park equipment and amenities in active park areas.
    • To enhance the quality of life through the enhancement of outdoor recreational opportunities and activities

Information Technology:

  • Integrated Software - $250,000
    • Upgrade of city software to provide full integration of accounting, payroll and work order systems
    • To enhance the city's operation and capabilities to provide better services to the citizens


Sewer Rehab Projects:

  • Cured in Place Piping for Gravity Sewers - $1.75M
    • Trenchless, structural rehabilitation of gravity sewers in both the City and County. All included pipes will have been inspected and graded according to national inspection standards to ensure structural rehabilitation is needed. Project could be let as funding becomes available.

  • Dunbar Creek Water Pollution Control Facility Rehab-$3.25M
    • Improvements to influent screening, odor control, aeration process control, UV disinfection, clarifiers, and filtration processes. Install of reuse water system. Engineering to occur in 2021, could be let for bid early 2022. 

Water Rehab Projects:

  • Transite Water Main Replacements-$1.5M
    • Replacement of asbestos cement (transite) water mains in neighborhoods with a history of breaks far exceeding national averages. Neighborhoods under consideration are Beverly Shores, College Park, Fairway Oaks, and Waverly Pines. Minor engineering required. Project could be let for bid as funding becomes available. 

Expansion Projects:

  • Arco Area Water and Sewer- $3.5M
    • Installation of public water and sewer systems in Arco area. Most residents currently have public water; however, water will be extended to everyone. Sewer is currently not available to the majority of Arco. This will also increase water and sewer availability for the Knight Industrial Park. Project is currently under engineering design and will be shovel ready prior to commencement of SPLOST collections.

  • Community Road Area Water and Sewer-$2.5M
    • Installation of public water and sewer systems in Community Road Area between Altama Avenue and Habersham Street, along with installations along Rose, Shell, Newman, Key, and Key Circle off of Community Road. Project is currently under engineering design and will be shovel ready prior to commencement of SP LOST collections.

Economic Development Projects:

  • Exit 42 Elevated Storage Tank- $2.5M
    • Elevated Storage Tank Located Near Exit 42 to provide increased water pressure and fire protection for potential economic development opportunities in the area. Project includes engineering for tank design and installation.


  • Bike Paths - $1.5M
    • Funds would rehabilitate and construct 7.44 miles of beachfront, riverfront, and interior bike paths.  All paths would meet bike path standards to ensure the biking experience on Jekyll Island remains one of the island’s greatest assets for locals and guests.

  • Clam Creek Fishing Pier -$1M
    • Constructed in 1969, the Calm Creek Fishing Pier is heavily used by Glynn County fishermen and Golden Isles visitors alike. Two support pilings on the western side of the pier were initially damaged in a boating accident, and several storms have further degraded the area as unsafe.  The two pilings would be replaced and a new upgraded, ADA compliant handrail system installed to enhance public safety.