Court Programs

Thinking for a Change (T4C)

A group based cognitive-behavior program intended to change the criminogenic thinking of offenders by developing a youth's program solving skills.

Moral Recognition Therapy

Cognitive behavior counseling programs funded by the yearly Glynn county Juveniles Court operating budget. 

Evidence-Based Programs
Glynn County Juvenile Court receives funding to provide evidence-based services to youth on probation. The use of evidence-based programs shown to reduce recidivism and to promote a positive relationship among the youth, their families, and their communities.


​Federal research suggests that youth who are at risk of out of community placement, better maintain their emotional disturbances and have better long term results when they receive community based services.

​KidsNet Glynn is a family-driven, youth-guided and community supportive approach to serving youth, and their families, with emotional and/or behavioral disturbances in their own community. This approach is called a “system of care”, which is where community partners and families join together to provide services.

​ Local representatives from education, mental health, law enforcement, juvenile court, and other community providers make up the KidsNet Committee. When children are referred to the KidsNet Program, they are scheduled for a Bio-Psychosocial Assessment with a Licensed Professional Counselor. At that time a recommendation is made and the child and family are referred for services such as Behavior Management, Case Management, Parent Education, Substance Abuse Counseling, Individual Therapy, and Family Therapy. The majority of the kids staffed with KidsNet are between the ages of 8 and 14, and have been formally charged in the Juvenile Court. Our goal is to move from a formal complaint process to a KidsNet referral process. 

​The goal of KidsNet is to create a community care plan for each child that provides support services to the child and family, which includes mental health and community support services.  These cases are commonly referred to as CHINS cases or Court Diversion cases.

KidsNet Staff:
​Carla Mathis – KidsNet Coordinator
​Tina Miller – Licensed Professional Counselor
​Amanda Lane– Community Support Specialist
​Deanne Morgan – Community Support Specialist

​ If you would like to make a referral CALL 912-554-7052 or email [email protected]

​ Online referrals may be submitted by clicking the link below.


Thinking for a Change(T4C) is an innovative, evidence-based cognitive-behavioral curriculum developed by the National Institute of Corrections(NIC) that concentrates on changing the criminogenic thinking of offenders.  

This a a 10 week training session that meets 2 to 3 times per week lasting 1-2 hours.  There are 25 lessons that build upon each other, and contains appendices that can be used to craft an aftercare program to meet ongoing cognitive behavioral needs of your group.