Citizen Survey

Glynn County residents are invited to participate in a survey designed to assist the Glynn Board of Commissioners in assessing county services, performance, and communications. The County’s Strategic Plan, to be updated in Spring 2020, established performance goals and methods of evaluation, including citizen engagement in assessing satisfaction with services. This survey carries out that mandate and will help prepare the county for strategic plan updates.

The survey is available in two formats: a paper version in English or Spanish and online at 
Paper copies will be distributed by designated clubs and organizations chosen to provide a diverse group of respondents who closely match the county’s demographic makeup. Single copies are also available at the front desk at the Commission office in the Harold Pate Building and can be returned there, where they will be kept in a sealed folder pending analysis.

The survey focuses on five domains: Glynn County Service Delivery and Performance, Communications and Customer Service, Quality of Life, Built Environment and Maintenance, and Civic Engagement and Public Outreach.  Most people will be able to complete the survey in about ten minutes. Only one person per household should complete a survey, and respondents must be 18 or older.

The survey asks a limited number of questions about demographics: age and income categories, race, and length of residence. These questions are intended to help ensure that survey takers create a representative sample that closely mirrors the Glynn County population.

Because geographic representation from the entire county is also vital, a sample of residents from throughout the county is essential. Survey respondents who do not know their Commission Districts may either look up their districts on the Glynn County website or include their addresses in the survey, so that the researcher can provide the district number. Additional surveys will be solicited if response rates are low in any district or with any demographic group.

Citizens are also invited to take advantage of a comment box for subjects not specifically addressed in the survey and for those who want to add detail to their responses.

To ensure that all information is confidential, the Commission has contracted with a third party, Dr. Mary Eleanor Wickersham, a retired College of Coastal Georgia Professor, to collect and analyze the surveys and prepare a report for the Commission. Groups that would like to engage their members may contact Dr. Wickersham at [email protected].