About GCAC

Our Vision and Mission

To guide Glynn County Animal Control in setting policies and in daily decision making, our staff members have adopted Vision and Mission statements.

Vision: Glynn County Animal Control promotes an environment of responsible pet ownership through progressive animal welfare programs, community outreach, and humane education in a culture of compassion, creativity, and integrity.

Mission: Glynn County Animal Control is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to our community by protecting and preserving the well-being of dogs and cats, protecting the public’s safety, enforcing County ordinances, and promoting responsible pet ownership.

What We Do for Our Community

Glynn County Animal Control is a department of the Glynn County Board of Commissioners. We are funded by tax dollars collected by the County and designated to:

  • Enforce Glynn County Ordinance Chapter 2-4 - Domestic Animals.
  • Provide 24 hours a day/7 days a week response to requests for help from Glynn County residents.
  • Help stray dogs and cats in our community.
  • Care for dogs and cats in protective custody (when their owners are unable to care for them because they are incarcerated or in the hospital).
  • Care for and rehome of as many homeless dogs and cats as we can humanely and legally house.
  • Educate the public on responsible pet ownership.

Our Open Admission Policy

Glynn County Animal Control is an “open admission” shelter. “Open Admission” means that we accept all stray dogs and cats that come into our care. We also accept dogs and cats surrendered to us by their legal owners when we have kennel or cage space available. Dogs and cats who are surrendered to us directly by their owners must be current on rabies vaccination, in accordance with the Glynn County Ordinance. Glynn County Animal Control is the only "open admission" animal shelter in our community.

Whenever possible, we work with limited admission, restricted admission and breed- or species-specific rescue groups and shelters all over the country to try to send homeless pets from here to places where they may have a better chance of being adopted. These shelters and rescues notify us when they have open kennels and cages and we have dogs or cats available here who that group feels they can easily rehome. Volunteer drivers help us transport shelter pets who are accepted by other shelters and rescue groups to their new location.

The pet overpopulation problem in our community is tragic. It can be solved by all of us if we spay/neuter our dogs and cats!

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