Our Staff

Our Vision: Glynn County Animal Control promotes an environment of responsible pet ownership through progressive animal welfare programs, community outreach and humane education in a culture of compassion, creativity, and integrity.

Our Mission: Glynn County Animal Control is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to our community by protecting and preserving the wellbeing of dogs and cats, protecting the public’s safety, enforcing County ordinances and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Division Manager Tiffani Hill 554-7501/thill@glynncounty-ga.gov
Senior Field Officer Gerald Rewis 554-7504/grewis@glynncounty-ga.gov
Field Officer/ACO II Cindy Holland 554-7530/cholland@glynncounty-ga.gov
Field Officer/Dog Behaviorist Zach Davis 554-7507/zdavis@glynncounty-ga.gov
Shelter Technician Cassidy Gibson 554-7509/cgibson@glynncounty-ga.gov
Veterinary Technician Ashley Gordon 554-7502/agordon@glynncounty-ga.gov
Veterinary Technician Sandra Young 554-7511/sgyoung@glynncounty-ga.gov
Shelter Technician Kali Boatwright 554-7502/kclark@glynncounty-ga.gov
Field Officer/Dog Behaviorist Michael Latham 554-7506/mlatham@glynncounty-ga.gov
Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Jim Rich 554-7511