Volunteer With Glynn County Animal Control!

New Volunteer Orientation - Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

Please wear a mask. We will be implementing social distancing protocols for this on site meeting.

animal shelter volunteerThank You for Wanting to Lend a Helping Paw!

Whether you volunteer once a month or once a week, your involvement will help expand community outreach programs and provide quality care for the animals in our shelters. We welcome all ages to volunteer! If you are under the age of 18 years, you will need to volunteer with a parent/guardian.


Download our Volunteer Applications to bring to your hands-on training along with a photo ID (if age 18+): 

Adult Volunteer Application           Youth Volunteer Application (age 17 & younger)

Community Service Application (for court, housing, etc.)

Our Volunteer Opportunities

  • Adoption Ambassador - Promote adoptable animals by attending adoption events, distributing flyers,volunteer groomer bathing dog and posting on social media (age 10+) /  Help match potential pet owners with dogs or cats at the shelter by doing meet and greets and answering questions. Additional training provided. (Adult)
  • Animal Photographer/Videographer or Pet Profile Writer - Take pictures and videos of adoptable animals and write descriptions that will appeal to potential adopters (age 10+)
  • Cat Cuddler – Spend time visiting, playing with and grooming cats (age 10+)
  • Dog Bather - Groom and bathe dogs available for adoption (age 10+)
  • Dog Day Out Foster – Approved foster volunteers can “check out” dogs for the day or the weekend to take them to the beach, special events or just to spend time in your home (Adult)
  • Dog Walker – Exercise dogs by walking with them or playing with them in the play yards (Adult)
  • Foster Parent - Care for animals in your home until they find a family or are healthy/old enough to come back to the shelter. We especially need bottle feeding foster volunteers for kittens and puppies. Signing up to foster requires a foster application, agreement and home visit. (Adult)
  • Kitten Nursery – Bottle feed kittens at our shelter. This opportunity requires signing up for weekly shifts. (Adult)
  • Laundry Queen/King - Assist with loading washers and dryers and folding towels, blankets, and sheets (age 16+)
  • Transport Volunteer – Use your own vehicles to transport animals to veterinary appointments or to other shelters or out-of-state transports (Adult)
  • Transport Coordinator – If you have a little more time to give, we are looking for a volunteer who will actively reach out to shelters and rescues to find transport opportunities for our shelter dogs and cats. Additional training provided. (Adult)
  • REUNITE Team Member - This new group of volunteers will work together to help the lost and stray animals who come to our shelter find their owners (age 16+)
  • Have a skill or interest that doesn’t seem to fit the above list? We welcome your ideas!

Child reading to cat

Paws to Read! - All Ages Welcome! Anyone who can read, tell stories, knit, crochet or even nap can hang out with our adoptable cats! No appointment needed for the brief orientation. All ages welcome - kids & youth under 18 years old need an adult chaperone. Training not required - brief orientation provided (all ages!)

Service Learning, Internships, School/Group Projects or Community Service (not court ordered): Plan/schedule your project: 912-554-7501 or thill@glynncountyanimals.org.

Court-Ordered Community Service: Have some hours to serve? Stop by with your government-issued photo ID and service document(s) to sign up. Or call 912-554-7501 with any questions. Service can be done any days between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. except on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Questions?  Contact Tiffani with any questions and/or to schedule your new volunteer interview: 554.7501 or thill@glynncounty-ga.gov.

Our Foster Program

Our in-home foster program serves the most vulnerable of the animals in our shelter: kittens, puppies, pregnant dogs and cats, animals in medical care and animals who need more socialization. There is are 3 additional sign up steps to foster: submit a Foster application, provide a letter from your landlord or proof that you own your home, and schedule a home visit from one of our Animal Control Officers.

Trained Dog Walkers may "check out" dogs to take them to the beach, special events or just home for a night or two. Let Tiffani know if you would like to sign up for the Dog Field Trip program. Dog Day Out Handbook

NEXT STEPS: Fill out and turn in the Foster Application and Agreement forms. We’ll schedule a required home visit and learn about what type of fostering is a good fit for you. Questions: 912-554-7501 or thill@glynncounty-ga.gov. 

Foster Home Application          Foster Home Agreement


Does my scFoster Imagehedule permit me to spend quality time with my foster animals? In addition to 3-4+ hours a day spent socializing your fosters, you are required to feed, clean-up after, and monitor your fosters for changes in appearance, health and energy levels throughout the day. The general foster commitment is 2-8 weeks but may vary depending on the shelter pet’s needs. Bottle babies require feedings every 2-6 hours around the clock!

Do all members of my household want to foster? Fostering any type of animal requires a big commitment from everyone in your family/home. Make sure that all family members and/or roommates are on board!

Am I willing to keep my medical fosters separate from my own animals? To prevent the spread of disease, it’s very important that your foster pets do not have contact with your family pets. Resident cat(s) must be indoor-only pets to prevent bringing in parasites and diseases.

What will be my financial responsibility? We will supply you with basic food and supplies such as bowls, litter, litter box, blankets, and toys. We will also provide medical care for your foster at no cost to you as long as the care is pre-approved.

Will I be able to follow necessary cleaning protocols?  Litter boxes, housebreaking, and washing bowls and clean bedding all require daily cleaning. Depending on the foster’s health condition, other types of cleaning and disinfecting may be needed. You must also follow strict sanitation protocols in between foster groups to minimize any spread between animals.

What would I do if my foster pets cause damage to my house? Part of your job will be to teach your foster pets how to be a well-behaved house pet. In the process, some of your personal belongings may get damaged. GCAC will not be held responsible for any damage caused by your foster animals.Kitten Bottle Feeding Header

Am I able to return to the shelter for regular veterinary appointments? We will provide all veterinary care through our Medical Team. This care is usually done at our shelter but may also be done at one of our approved local veterinary hospitals. Our staff Veterinary Technicians will keep in touch with you about what medical care your foster needs.

In cases of emergency, can I take my foster pet to an emergency vet? We will provide you with a list of contacts and how to reach us in the event of a medical emergency. All veterinary care must be approved by a GCAC staff member.

Will I be able to return my foster animals to GCAC once the foster period ends? Absolutely! You also have the option of helping your foster find his/her forever family or adopting him/her into your own family. Our normal adoption process applies.

Will I be able to emotionally cope with the death of one my fosters? Unfortunately, even with the very best care, some foster pets do not survive. We can take comfort in knowing that he/she was loved and given the best life possible while in your care.

Do I accept that GCAC is an open-admission shelter and cannot guarantee the adoption of all foster animals? We do our absolute best to place all shelter pets into loving homes. You play a vital role in that success! Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee placement of all animals who come into our care.

Foster Training Resources

DOG/PUPPY FOSTERS: Please watch these online training videos by ASPCA: Canine Communication & Behavior

CAT/KITTEN FOSTERS: Please watch these online training videos by ASPCA: Welcoming Fosters into Your Home: Ready for Your Foster Cat?

Qualifications: Must be 18 years of age - Youth may volunteer with a responsible parent/guardian - Must be able to have pets where you live. Landlord approval is required.