SPLOST 2016 for Drainage

Drainage Projects

Project Name Estimated Cost Proposed Project Description

St. Simons Island Village Drainage Improvements                                                  


Improvements will be made to under-capacity drainage areas of St. Simons Village.
Arnold Rd. Tide Gates Replacement $100,000  Tides gates at Arnold Rd. will be replaced. Estimated cost includes design, permitting and construction.

College Park Drainage Outfall Improvements

This is a project benefits both the City and County. The City has completed the engineering work and has asked the County to fund construction of drainage improvements in the College Park drainage outfall area. 
Chapel Crossing Rd. Drainage Improvements $350,000 This project will connect storm drainage to FLETC (Chapel Crossing Road).
Somersby Point to Martin Palmer Dr. Drainage Improvements $75,000 This project will alleviate flooding issues at residences in the Somerby Point and Martin Palmer Dr. area. Drainage from northwest of backside Somersby to Martin Palmer
Golden Isles Parkway Extension Drainage Improvements $2,100,000 Drainage Outfall from SR25 Spur Extension to Altamaha River – Contract out drainage study of area for needs assessment. May include NE quadrant of US 341/Hwy 99

Box Culvert Replacement on Old Jesup Rd. near Lillie Way 
Removal/replacement of the existing structure with a 48LF 7x5 box culvert to include wing wall, parapets, and aprons. The new width will allow guardrail to be placed outside the pavement edge. Project will include piping along the west edge of Old Jesup Road with associated structures and widening of pavement north and south of the culvert.
North Harrington Drainage Outfall Improvements                                    
$400,000 North Harrington drainage outfall improvements.
Hornet Dr. Drainage Outfall Improvements $800,000 Concept Design - Hornet Street Ditch at Hwy 17 – pipe upgrade

Sea Island Rd. Ditch Piping Improvements                                                                            
Pipe drainage ditch along Sea Island Road from Margaret Pitts Dr. to Hamilton Rd.

Drainage Projects Map (click on map to enlarge)

Drainage areas on map