Adult Softball



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Type of Meeting
                                                         Date                         Time

Pickup registration cards & schedule of dates            Monday, February 8 - 19, 2016          8:30am – 5:30pm

1st Organizational Meeting                                         Monday, February 22, 2016               6:00 pm
(We will see how many teams are entered in each division and determine # games, etc. at this meeting. Rule Changes will be discussed, if any).

Team Fees are Due                                               Friday, March 4, 2016                             by 5:30pm
NOTE: No team will be put on the schedule if TEAM fees are not paid on time.

Practices start*                                                            3/7 – 3/11 for paid teams                    8:30pm-until
*Practices will be scheduled for only the teams that have paid at this point.

Season schedules ready for pick up                            Friday, March 11, 2016                      1:00pm – 5:30pm

Season begins**                                                          Monday, April 11, 2016                   8:30pm-until
**This date is tentative and may change at any time.

NOTE: All meetings will take place at the main recreation office at 323 Old Jesup Road.

We are anticipating that the team fees will be $200 per team this season for about 8 - 10 games and individual fees are $48 per player.  All fees must be paid prior to being put on the practice schedule or game schedule.  There is no roster limit, however all players must have signed an official GCRPD registration card and paid their individual fees before they can be officially added to your team roster.  NO MONIES WILL BE TAKEN OUTSIDE OF THE OFFICE.

The GCRPD must have a minimum of 4 teams in each age/gender division in order for the season to make.