St. Simons Island Beaches

Welcome to the beaches of St. Simons Island. Here you can find helpful information to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

In an Emergency
Remember the Access Number posted on this sign. In the event of an emergency, provide this number to the 911 operator. This will help rescue personnel quickly determine your location.

Swimming Safety
  • Lifeguards are present from Memorial Day to Labor Day, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm daily at Coast Guard and Massengale beaches. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK
  • Rip currents are common. If caught in a rip current, do not fight it, swim parallel to the shore until you are free of the current.
  • Do not swim to the visible sand bars. The tide changes quickly and will submerge the sandbar, stranding swimmers in deep water.
  • View the NOAA tide charts for St. Simons Island.
  • From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there is a Warning Flag system in place to notify visitors of hazardous conditions. The Beach Warning Flag key can be viewed here.


  • Dogs are prohibited on the beach from 16th St. (East Beach South) to Mallery St. (Pier) from the Saturday before Memorial Day through Labor Day between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. During allowable times and in non-summer months, dogs are allowed on any portion of the beach but must be within close proximity and under the immediate control of the owner/handler. If handler is unable to control pet via voice-command, a 10' leash is required. Owners must clean up after their pets.
  • Vehicles are prohibited.
  • Fires are prohibited on the beach. 
  • Glass and hard plastic containers are prohibited.
For a full listing of beach rules, view the Glynn County Code of Ordinances.

  • Jellyfish- most of the jellyfish you will encounter are Cannonball jellyfish, which are harmless. If you do suffer a jellyfish sting from another species, lifeguards are equipped with the first aid treatment for stings.
  • Sea Turtles- All species are protected by state and federal laws. The following are some tips on what you can do to help protect Georgia's sea turtles:
    • Do not use lights on the beach at night
    • Never disturb a sea turtle that is crawling to or from the sea.
    • Once a sea turtle has begun nesting, observe her only from a distance.
    • Do not shine lights in a sea turtles eyes or take flash photography.
    • Do not touch or disturb nests or hatchlings.
    • To report a dead or injured turtle, or sea turtle harassment, call 1-800-2-SAVE-ME. (If the sea turtle is tagged, please include the tag color and number in the report if possible.) For more on sea turtles, visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' webpage.

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