County Clerk

The County Clerk is responsible for maintaining a complete and permanent history of actions taken by the County Commission. In doing so, the County Clerk attends meetings of the Board of Commissioners, keeps a record of its proceedings, publishes and attests to all resolutions and ordinances passed by the Board, and seals and attests contracts of the County as needed.

The County Clerk also serves as the official record keeper for the County and oversees the County’s records center. This state of the art facility is 8,000 square feet and contains a two story racking system offering 15,500 square feet of storage space. All records boxes entering the center are barcoded and placed on barcoded shelves to allow for accurate and easy retrieval.

Refunds of Taxes and License Fees

Any taxpayer from whom a tax or license fee was collected who alleges that such tax or license fee was collected illegally or erroneously may file a claim for a refund with the Glynn County Board of Commissioners at any time within one year or, in the case of taxes, three years after the date of the payment of the tax or license fee to Glynn County. Untimely claims shall not constitute a valid claim for a refund. Glynn County shall consider information contained in the taxpayer's claim for a refund and such other information as is available when rendering a decision on a refund claim.  No refund provided for under O.C.G.A. § 48-5-380 or these Rules and Regulations shall be assignable.  Following the filing of a request for refund with Glynn County, no suit may be commenced until the earlier of Glynn County’s denial of the request for refund or the expiration of ninety (90) days from the date of filing the claim. Submitting a request for refund to Glynn County is not a prerequisite to bringing suit.

All requests to Glynn County for refunds of taxes and/or license fees under O.C.G.A. § 48-5-380 and these Rules and Regulations must be in writing. Please fill out this form (beginning on page 2) and mail or deliver in person to the address listed below. 

Attention:  County Clerk / 48-5-380 Refund Claim
W. Harold Pate Building
1725 Reynolds Street
Suite 302
Brunswick, GA  31520