Applicant Requirements For Career Personnel

In order to test and apply:

  • All candidates are required to have a valid driver's license, a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent certification, and be at least 18 years old
  • Applicants for EMT or Paramedic will need to have their Georgia certification before being hired
  • Applicants will need to pass a psychological evaluation, medical examination, drug screen, and vision test
  • Applicants will be subject to an extensive public safety background check
  • Applicants must be tobacco free

Information for Employment Candidates

Department Information
Glynn County Fire Department employs 135 personnel of which 130 are certified firefighter positions. The department operates eight fire stations with three stations on St. Simons Island and five stations on the mainland. In addition to the eight stations, Glynn County Fire Department has an emergency squad stationed at the Brunswick Fire Department Headquarters Station.

Glynn County Fire Department provides fire protection, rescue operations, and hazardous materials response to approximately 420 square miles of area located outside the city limits of Brunswick and Jekyll Island. The department provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the all areas of Glynn County and the City of Brunswick except Jekyll Island. Jekyll Island Fire Department provides Fire and EMS for Jekyll Island.

Glynn County Fire Department operates seven full time advanced life support squads, nine fire engines, three aerials, one airport crash fire truck. 

The department operates three platoons which work a rotating schedule of 24 hours on-duty and 48 hours off-duty. The shifts begin at 8:00 A.M. and ends at 8:00 A.M. the following morning. The department must remain fully operation 365 days a year.

All Paramedics and EMT's working for Glynn County Fire Department are certified firefighters and frequently are interior entry crews at structure fires. Personnel assigned to the ambulances maintain firefighting turn-out gear and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

Job Hazards
Firefighters are required in hazardous environments. Some of the environmental conditions include low oxygen levels, elevated temperatures, hazardous chemicals, biological hazards such as blood and other body fluids or parts, byproducts of structure fires, heights greater than a single story house, confined spaces, and others.

Due to the physical stress placed on Public Safety personnel, firefighters must successfully complete the annual wellness program.

Benefits of Employment

Listed below are some of the benefits offered by Glynn County.

  • Retirement
  • Health Insurance
  • Cafeteria Plan for supplemental insurance
  • Vacation
  • Sick Leave
  • Uniforms and Safety Equipment

Post Offer of Employment Requirements
When a person is offered employment with Glynn County, several things must be completed. These requirements are:

  • Medical Physical
  • Drug Screen: All potential employees must be drug tested prior to employment. Public Safety employees are also randomly drug tested during the year.
  • State, Local, and Federal Background Check: The reasons for the background checks include:
    1. Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council will not certify a person as a firefighter if they have a felony conviction on their record within 10 years of their date of hire. A person convicted of a misdemeanor in another state which would be determined to be a felony within the State of Georgia within 10 years of employment will not be certified by Georgia Standards and Training Council.
    2. Glynn County is self-insured and the insurance underwriters will not insure a person if they have any of the following within the two years prior to employment. Glynn County also conducts annual driver’s license checks with the issuing State.
      • Suspension of driver’s license for bad driving
      • Cancellation of auto insurance for bad driving
      • Termination of employment due to bad driving
      • A DUI conviction
      • 3 or more moving violations
      • 2 or more at-fault accidents
  • An official High School transcript or GED transcript
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Driver’s License and Social Security card
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Sign an affidavit confirming Glynn County is a smoke free employer and the employee will not use tobacco in any form during employment with Glynn County.

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