GIS Services

In addition to serving the individual departments, administration, and elected officials of Glynn County, the GIS Department offers the general public a mixture of free and for fee services.
      Highlights include: mapping and printing services, GIS data (including LiDAR and orthophotography), the interactive online mapping system, and new street address assignment.

      It is our mission to provide accurate, accessible, and comprehensive data and services to support the needs of our citizens, private businesses, and the activities of Glynn County. Please contact us with any questions you might have. We are here to assist you!
        Online Mapping
        Free web based tool for basic property searches and mapping. An advanced subscription is available for a fee. This provides users with more detailed query and analysis capabilities beyond the free standard viewer.

        Advanced Query and Analysis
        • Access to Subdivision Plats
        • Access to Water and Sewer Information
        • View Public Safety Boundaries

        GIS Data
        Glynn County GIS data available to the public for purchase. Commonly requested datasets include, tax parcel data, address points, roads, and LiDAR data.

        Please see the GIS Price List for specific GIS data fees.

        Data can be requested by calling our office or sending an email request to, [email protected].

        New Addresses

        The GIS department assigns new street addresses to parcels or real property throughout the county.
        Code of Ordinances - Article X County Addressing System

        Address Number Requirements - To insure rapid emergency response time, County Ordinance (#O-2002-01) defines that address numbers be displayed on all residences and business establishments. This becomes essential in communities where mailboxes are clustered at intervals along a road or at the end of the road.

        With proper display of address - postal service, carrier services and all utilities are able to efficiently locate resident’s home.

        The address on residences should be a minimum of 3” in height with reflective or contrasting colors so as to be seen at night. On businesses, the address should be 6” in height and also with reflective or contrasting colors.

        Tax Maps
        The Property Appraiser’s tax parcel maps can be purchased in individual sections and are available in paper and PDF formats.

        Recorded Plats
        The GIS Department can provide copies of recorded plats from the Glynn County Court House. Plats scans are also available on the subscription site under Digital Documents on most property.

        Special Order Maps
        Our staff analysts can work with you to create maps specific to your business or personal needs. The department utilizes ESRI software and our extensive spatial data library to create maps.

        The GIS Department requires at least 3 business days to create and print special orders. There is a charge for analyst time, $65/hour, with a minimum of 30 minutes.

        Please use the GIS Map Request Form when requesting mapping services.

        Printing Services
        Prints from the GIS website’s Map Mart can be printed in sizes up to 42’x60’. Standard printing fees do apply.

        Made to order specialty maps can be printed as well.

        **For more detailed information about requesting GIS data and services, please review our official payment policy.