LIDAR Project (GIS Equipment) SPLOST Penny

Original Budget: $1,500,000
Revised Budget: $417,857


Project Scope:
Glynn County LIDAR Ortho-Photo Project

In 2007 Glynn County, Georgia had flights conducted that gathered digital ortho-photography including infra-red spectrum and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data. Both of these data sets have proved extremely valuable in updating the county base map as well as providing a new source of elevation data to assist in projects such as drainage studies. The County GIS Department uses this data to support the other county departments. Uses of this data include drainage studies, tax parcel management, development planning, and transportation planning. The second cycle of flying for data acquisition is planned for 2012 and will provide the data needed for comparison and further analysis regarding growth/development patterns and lead to better decision making by staff and elected officials.

LIDAR ( ) is the precise timing of the round trip of laser light from an airplane to a reflective surface. The travel time is converted to distance from the plane to the surface based upon the speed of light. By scanning these pulses across the terrain a set of distances to the surface can be measured. The plane is tracked along its flight path using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and these distances are then converted to coordinates and elevations. In this way multiple features can be measured as different parts of the laser reflect off of objects at different levels typically tree canopy, underbrush and the underlying ground surface. This capability is very important in mapping ground topography beneath vegetation called the bare earth. The data is then compiled and used to create what is known as a Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

Digital Elevation Map (DEM) DEM can be used to reduce the need for costly and time consuming topographical ground surveys. The DEM Aid in drainage design and development, development of Flood Event Models, determination of riparian (rivers) zone and flood plain mapping, Characterization of forest habitat and timber quality, Urban planning Transportation corridor mapping, updating Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling.

Ortho Photography ( Glynn County has digital ortho-photography which is a computerized picture of the entire county. The photography is used to create maps that show features,e.g buildings, roads. These photos and maps are used for planning, emergency response, tax management, and to form a base for the GIS system (/gis).

Project Status:
Completed - 2007

Anticipated Project Completion:
2007 - Update scheduled 2012

Contact Information
GIS Division
Phone: 912 554-7418
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