11 Judicial Lane

Brunswick, GA 31520

Telephone: (912) 264-3931


23 July 2008




To: Glynn County Public Infrastructure Committee



Fm: George M. O’Brien, Manager

       Glynn County Environmental Health



RE: Update to Creek Side Oaks Project.



Background: At the previous PIC meeting the County Engineer stated he was in the process of reviewing the plans for the sewer line connecting Creek Side Oaks/Drew Circle to the lift station located on Highway 341, near Tractor Supply. The review has been completed.


Update: The project is currently being held up in Joint Water and Sewer: they do not seem thrilled with the concept with extending sewer into Drew Circle. Mr. Dave Hainley, Director, Community Development is trying to work the project through the snags at Joint Water and Sewer. His success at this date is unknown.


Recommendation: I would hope some “pressure from above” would be applied to get this project completed. The residents within Drew Circle need serious relief from their current situation. With the resent heavy rain Brunswick has experienced, their property is becoming fecal soup.





                                                        GEORGE M. O’BRIEN, Manager

                                                        Glynn County Environmental Health